12 Life Lessons Learned After a Tad Over 35 Years on Earth

March 16th 2018, Robert Wilcocks

As I've gotten older, I've learned 12 key life lessons that I wanted to share with you. I hope this helps you live the best life possible.

  1. A 'Gratitude-Attitude' is central to both success and happiness. In other words, everything.
  2. Share your thoughts so you can cherish your feelings. If we don’t share how we truly feel, we deny ourselves and those around us our truth, and without truth, it's hard to trust, and without trust, relationships aren’t built on solid foundations.
  3. The harder you work the luckier and happier you seem to get.
  4. Telling the unvarnished truth > endless mendacity.
  5. Ask for help. A problem shared is halved, and perhaps even better, a goal or wider plan shared is 100% more likely to happen than if not.
  6. Pay for expertise...and try to overshoot what you can afford. ‘A’ players take you forward in both financial and personal growth.
  7. A good routine enhances creativity/inspiration.
  8. Visual reminders are eminently useful. Have your goals on the wall where you can see them every day. E.g. Bedroom, bathroom, office. To create the future you need to remind your brain (conscious and subconscious) what you truly want and what’s important each day. This will help you focus on the right stuff, instead of a load of thoughts (or emails) that aren’t that useful or important.
  9. Your network = your net worth. Build your network before you need it - and offer value first (and second…) before asking for help.
  10. You can only focus on so many goals at once. Usually, a max of two at a time if you want mastery anytime soon.
  11. Life’s not a rehearsal. It can hit you with curve balls that change things forever, instantly. Don’t assume you have time. Make every day count.
  12. Be kind. Everyone’s going through his or her own ‘stuff’, which you rarely see, and to a degree, we’re all winging it, so we must remember to be kind. I think this takes us back around to the number 1 life lesson on being thankful for what we already have, including those around us.

I encourage you to share your life lessons by leaving a comment below.

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