Martin J. Wilcocks DipFA AIPW

Martin Wilcocks is an award winning Financial Advisor who has been advising business owners since 1998. He has been featured in a BBC debate on the state of long-term care in the UK and featured in the Times and Telegraph as one of the top 1% of Independent Financial Advisers operating in 2015 and 2016.

He works with Entrepreneurs and specialises in using the Wilcocks CLEARER framework for holistic wealth management. He is also a specialist at raising debt and equity capital for businesses, skills he used to mastermind and lead the Wilcocks Brothers first foray into significant real estate – when he purchased an existing commercial building and land for £3.250 Million in April 2016 and is now set to build Liverpool’s tallest residential towers – Ovatus – a £151M GDV project that was granted planning permission in April 2017.A NOTE FROM MARTIN

I am a Director at Wilcocks & Wilcocks and my role involves advising clients, overseeing sales and marketing, and generally driving the business forwards. I am registered with FCA as a CF1 Director, and CF30 regulated adviser. See FCA register

I am proud of our practice and the clarity and value this delivers to our clients. I am equally proud of how we have challenged the status quo of the UK fund management industry, resulting in Evidence Based Investing being at our core.


I joined Barclays Bank in 1989 as a Junior Clerk and progressed through the ranks, ultimately winning Barclays’ coveted Top New Financial Adviser Award, after my first 12 months as an Adviser in 1999. After 4 great years at Barclays Life, I was re-appointed to Barclays Bank as a Premier Banking Manager – a role I never thought I would leave – but I did after 14 years in 2003, but my greatest achievement has been in building my own wealth management business with Robert.

Between 2010 and 2012 I studied for my estate planning license with APS Legal. I knew this added ability and qualification would serve our clients very well. As a result of my Asset Protection Work I was contacted by and featured on a live debate on the BBC.

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Robert P. Wilcocks DipFA AIPW

Robert has been voted in the Top 1% of UK Financial Advisers by Vouched For, the independent review site for professional services firms. He has been featured in publications including The Times, The Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.

He is also a Registered Life Planner and has been nicknamed “The Philosophical Adviser”. He works with clients with matching or complimentary core values. He specialises in using the CLEARER model to bring life, financial and investment planning together. This helps his clients achieve the old English definition of wealth: the condition of well-being, whether personal, professional, environmental, social or financial.Robert believes the future of financial advice in the UK is one where advisers act with a fiduciary duty to clients, helping wealthy clients bridge any gap between monetary wealth and the old English definition of True Wealth.


Along with Martin, I head up the Wilcocks & Wilcocks team and we are jointly responsible for the management and strategic development of our business. I am registered with FCA as a CF1 Director, CF10 Compliance, and CF30 regulated adviser. See FCA register


Building a successful wealth management business out of a recession and personally leading our expansion into London in 2014. I believe we have built one of the most client-centric financial planning firms in the UK as evidenced by our commitment to (and public advocacy of) Evidence Based Investing, as well as our extremely high and independently ranked client advocacy scores.

I’m proud of how Martin and I have built this business together as brothers (without too much arguing!), including the can-do team that we are slowly but surely building. We are all absolutely focused on our vision to be the leading independently owned adviser to high net worth individuals in the North West and London over the next 5 years.

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Cletus D’Souza


A qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst, Cletus’ background in finance includes Corporate Finance, Project Finance and Management Accounting experience in a variety of financial management and advisory capacities.

In an early role he was responsible for overseeing the Financial and Management Accounting functions for a financial services subsidiary of ANZ Bank.  This was followed by a role that involved marketing lease exposures to mid-cap corporates as well as a state electricity board.

From 1996, in an advisory capacity with Arthur Anderson he was responsible for advising global owners and investors on transactions relating to the transfer of ownership interests and intangible brands, assisting in negotiations relating to price, transaction structure and agreement terms, co-ordination of buyers’ financial and legal due diligence, structuring and implementing transactions.

As part of the Specialised Finance Group with Deloitte he advised on significant contracts involving private and infrastructure finance, assisting with project finance modelling and payment mechanisms, arranging highly complex project finance and gilt based loan structures, finalising arrangements with lenders, mediating and seeing projects through to financial close.

He also assisted in reviewing key drivers and financing trends on PFI projects developing a study for HM Treasury Taskforce on the Value for Money Drivers in the Private Finance Initiative.

Favourite deal – Being a lead advisor with Andersen to the winning consortia on a Welsh road PFI project, where we put together an innovative 39 year privately placed project finance bond structure arranged with AXA, that received an award for European PPP Transport Deal 2002.

Mary Wilcocks


Mary is Client and Operations Manager and has supported Martin and Robert since 2016 after returning from her travels around Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Prior to travelling, Mary worked for a global HR software company as part of the marketing team.

Mary holds a Diploma in Marketing and Business Studies.