At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we are committed to leading by example when it comes to supporting the world we live in. As we all know, money can’t buy everything, but it can provide those less fortunate than us with a chance to live a better future.

It is our belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on changing people’s lives for the better, and this does not just mean our clients’ lives, it means every life that we can.

We have aligned our philanthropic efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN. These goals include: removing poverty, stopping hunger, ensuring good health, providing quality education, and promoting gender equality.

Wilcocks & Wilcocks is a proud corporate partner of Save the Children. By saving children, we are helping to make the world a better place and wealthier all round. Children are our future, and we can make a real difference to their lives.

When it comes to wealth management, our strategy is simple: plan, invest and live. With Save The Children, we work together to adopt a more vital approach: survive, protect and learn. Save The Children do whatever it takes to make sure that the people they help have a chance to survive, get protection when they’re in danger, and have the chance to learn. From providing shelter, education, and emergency relief, we can play our part by working alongside a highly recognised organisation for the greater good. The world is a better place when wealth is shared. Visit Save The Children website.


Wilcocks & Wilcocks has also partnered with Buy 1 Give 1, a fantastic and innovative international charity that sources and vets worthwhile causes around the world. We are able to select a broad range of charitable projects and track the impact of our donations. 100% of the funds we give go directly to helping those in need of food, clothing and education. To ensure the most efficient giving, B1G1 only works with approved charities/NGOs that meet its unique criteria, and it operates with total transparency. Visit the B1G1 website.


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