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Xmas tax planning: get 67% income tax relief using pensions

Having endured three lockdowns and with 2020s ‘Christmas is cancelled’ still ringing in our ears,…

An Introduction to Martin Wilcocks – Longer

A slightly longer insight into why you should consider working with Martin Wilcocks.

An Introduction to Martin Wilcocks – Short

Why you should consider working with Martin Wilcocks.

1. What’s Your Number?

Do you know your number? This is the amount of money necessary to get you through a 30-year retirement where you will see living costs rise probably 3 fold.

2. Your Free Template

Use this free template to grab the information you need from your current pension and investment providers and it will give Martin Wilcocks the detail he needs to tell.

3. The Right Adviser

Martin Wilcocks sets out what you should be looking for in an investment and wealth manager and makes a point about real life and evidenced testimonials.

4. Meeting Martin

How to make arrangements to meet with Martin Wilcocks, typically within a week, in London Liverpool or Manchester or surrounding areas like Chester and Shrewsbury.

Investment Management 1

A look at the four main asset classes to invest capital in: cash, fixed income.

Investment Management 2

A look at the two different styles of investing: indexing and speculating.

Investment Management 3

Investments in the stock market.

Investment Management 4

The biggest problem that can stop your investment from working.