Estate Planning, tailored for you

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks, we believe that it’s never too early to start planning for your life and what will happen after you pass away. It’s best to start as early as possible to avoid further disruptions in your family during difficult times. Without a reliable plan, you could be at risk of losing your hard earned legacy to inheritance tax and legal fees.

Estate Planning with Wilcocks & Wilcocks will allow you to look forward and map out a clear path with our practical, expert advice that has been tailored to you. We base our strategies on your individual circumstances to generate the most effective results.

At the core of our estate planning strategy will be what you, the investor, wants to do with your money and where you would like it to go in the event of your death. Whether it’s given to your family and loved ones to support their future, or in a donation to a charity of your choice.

It’s time to start thinking about your family’s future – the more prepared you are the better. Martin and Robert Wilcocks want to help you attain financial peace of mind, giving you the knowledge that after the event of your death, your money is with the right people.


What Wilcocks & Wilcocks can do for you

Are you interested in a tailored estate plan? Contact Wilcocks & Wilcocks today to start building your strategy. Call 0845 200 4041 or simply fill out our online contact form today.

Inheritance Tax

As you plan for your retirement and organise your estate, you will also need to think carefully about the effects that Inheritance Tax will have on your family and the amount they will receive after you pass away.

As part of your estate planning service, Martin and Robert Wilcocks will assess your financial situation and build a personalised plan that aims to reduce most, or even all of the effects of Inheritance Tax. We will explain the various tax thresholds along with methods to manage your wealth, including making use of trusts or gifts to your children in the short-term. 

Wilcocks & Wilcocks’ approach to this process involves growing your wealth through smart investment strategies and reassessing your pension arrangements. These are the steps we take to reduce your inheritance tax liability, making sure your loved-ones can receive and keep the maximum amount you have planned for them.

Planning for your future

In London, Liverpool and all over the UK, Wilcocks & Wilcocks work closely with their clients in a variety of life stages. We offer solid plans for families in the short and long term. Are you currently in the process of building your wealth? Or are you looking to retire soon? We can help you plan whatever life stage you are at with care and attention to detail.

If you need advice on making or amending a will, minimising Inheritance Tax or arranging powers of attorney, Martin and Robert Wilcocks are here to help.

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