An investment plan underpinned by 7 decades of peer-reviewed academic data

Our investing model is backed by real data, and supported by an independent consultancy.


It is a fact that over 80% of actively managed investments and managers that favour active strategies fail to match the benchmark they track.

Award Winning Wealth Managers

Around £64 billion annually is being wasted on excessive fund costs, investment products, as well as high-cost managers, consultants and advisers. Our unique CLEARER model focuses on indexing, rather than speculation – which is costing around 2% per annum more than it should.

This huge sum of £64 billion would be far better in your pocket. Our hard-working clients and investors, rather than lining the fat cats’ pockets.

Paying just 1% too much each year in costs on a £250000 portfolio, when compounded over a 3-decade retirement can see the same £250000 disappear in unnecessary fees.

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