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Wilcocks & Wilcocks have a long history of servicing clients. They have seen what large institutions do with their hidden fees, confusing language and purposeful misguidance. Martin and Robert Wilcocks want to eradicate this behaviour by offering refreshingly clear, factual and straightforward advice when it comes to investment planning. We will eliminate unnecessary costs, align your investment plans with your lifetime goals, and secure you the returns you need to live the life you want. Our advice is evidence-based, strategic and honest.

If you are looking to improve your investment plans, reduce the amount you are paying in unnecessary fees and enhance your returns, contact Wilcocks & Wilcocks today. We are based in London and Liverpool, but are flexible to meet your needs.

An investment plan built for your future

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we will run an in-depth analysis of your financial situation and discuss with you your hopes and ideas for your future. We will work closely with you in order to construct a personalised investment plan built on your aspirations. We measure your attitude to risk and explore global investment market options for you to ensure the best possible returns.

We will also look into your current investments, creating an entire portfolio review with suggestions and advice on increasing your returns and cutting down additional costs where possible.

With the help of Martin and Robert Wilcocks, you can restructure your current plan to become solid, tax-efficient and more profitable. Act now to ensure a comfortable future.

Reducing the cost of your investments

Huge amounts of investors’ money is being wasted annually by large financial institutions. Currently around £64 billion is being spent by fund managers, consultants and advisers on inflated industry salaries. This is not right.

Martin and Robert Wilcocks believe that clients are entitled to their ideal retirement and should not be misled into losing large amounts of money that could go towards securing their family’s future.

We use a CLEARER investment model which focuses on indexing, rather than guessing the market activity, media speculation or following short-lived investment trends. We base our investing on academic research and evidence.

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we offer investment planning in London, Liverpool and across the North West of England. There are no luxury offices full of staff to pay with your hard-earned money, no sales teams, no layers of management, and no board to fund. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum, which is the way it should be. When you seek financial advice from Martin and Robert Wilcocks, you will benefit from direct, dedicated assistance.

Big Picture Investing

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we are dedicated to helping you grow your wealth. With our CLEARER model, we recommend investing in equities and property to truly see the long-term effects and rewards. Investing in these areas has been proven time and again to deliver consistently better returns. When you arrange your consultation, we will be able to personalise and tailor our recommendations to your specific goals and interests. 

We are available to help with your investment planning in London, Liverpool, or wherever you’re based in the UK. Call 0345 200 4041 or fill out an email form today.

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