We are all living and working longer and longer, so retirement planning has never been so important. If you are nearing retirement or preparing ahead of time, Wilcocks & Wilcocks can offer you solid guidance and support in organising your future. With structured planning and careful mapping of your retirement goals, we can help you to achieve the dream lifestyle you deserve. Award-winning financial advisers Martin and Robert Wilcocks have the skills and knowledge you need to plan your future successfully.

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Do you have a plan?

As we start to live longer, healthier lives, we are also faced with the prospect of a much longer retirement period than before. This means we need to have a detailed plan in place in ensure financial security. In order to support the lifestyle you’ve been working so hard for, you need to have the right plan. That’s where Wilcocks & Wilcocks come in. We can help to organise your finances, help with your investments and guide you towards your ideal retirement – whether that be travelling the globe, buying a property abroad or saving for your grandchildren. The time to act is now.

Martin and Robert Wilcocks are experienced advisers dedicated to ensuring you have the best retirement plan in place. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of caring for your family’s future and will help you to organise a plan to ensure this. We offer a fresh, honest approach to planning based on real evidence and many years of industry knowledge.

What do you want to do with your retirement?

One of the most important elements in planning for your retirement is firstly identifying what you want to do with your time and what matters most to you in life. When we meet with new clients, one of the first things we do is discuss their hopes and desires for the future. Do they want a certain lifestyle in their retirement? Do they plan to travel or purchase a second property abroad? Do they have a large family of children and grandchildren to provide for? What’s on their bucket list?

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we believe in taking the time to get to know our clients, their needs and hopes for the future. This helps us to create the best plan for their retirement. We are here to listen, answer any questions and offer guidance on how you can achieve your best life by defining your destination and the figure you will need to retire successfully.

Your Life Plan

At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we plan for the long term. With our fully personalised and bespoke retirement planning service, you will be able to structure your money for the years ahead. With a clear strategy in place, we can look at your goals and aspirations in retirement and work towards achieving them.

We put the client first. With our holistic and personalised approach to planning you will have individual, tailored advice which directly relates to your targets and objectives in retirement. Your personalised strategy will be regularly reviewed, as it’ll naturally need to adapt to you and changes in your life. This is what makes our plan ‘evergreen’, adapting to life changes whilst focusing on the end goal of a great retirement.

More than just pensions

Wilcocks & Wilcocks can detail your plan to be as diverse and expansive as you like, with different avenues to explore. We can recommend a multidisciplinary approach to planning which includes investment as well as pensions, and much more besides. It is our mission to make sure you never pay higher costs than you need to.

We operate using our evidence-based, CLEARER framework which uses proven methods to produce reliable high returns in your long term plan. With a diverse, widespread portfolio of investments, you are on your way to achieving the retirement you’ve earned.

Consolidating your pensions

Typically, large institutions make it almost impossible to understand the fine details of your pensions and investments, purposefully making it unclear as to where your money is going. If you have multiple providers, this can be a real headache. At Wilcocks & Wilcocks it is our mission to avoid any confusion by removing the jargon and engaging the client in the planning process. It’s so important for you to understand your own plan, and Martin and Robert are here to guide you through yours.

Wilcocks & Wilcocks can help you to organise your multiple pensions and consolidate them into a streamlined, more efficient plan that works for you. Once we begin to dissect and structure your investments, your pension will become much clearer and easier to control, as well as more cost-effective.

Martin and Robert can help to show you how your money is growing, and the possibilities of further development in the years to come with projections from your current and future investments. Given the importance of pensions today, it’s vital that you understand yours, and not be kept in the dark.

It’s always good to be prepared, so take a look at your current pension arrangements and consider whether they are in the best shape they can be. Your retirement could be at risk if they’re not. If there is a more efficient, profitable way to save your money, we will find it.

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