A large chunk of your portfolio is likely invested in defensive fixed-income investments. As an asset class, this used to work in the 70’s and 80’s when people tended to retire at 65 and live on average until 75. Nowadays, we don’t think it will get you through a two or three-decade retirement, and you may outlive the money.

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Instead of a fixed income flatlining strategy doing 5% annualised, exposure to a well-diversified equity model that has done over twice that, if looking back over any period of time, will serve you far better.

Try not to listen to the purists, economists and any negative nancies who fail to grasp the value within the global equity market and its history.

Many so-called experts spend their life showing off their deep knowledge, confusing people, and talking technically. Our advice is to ignore the vast majority and simply don’t listen. We can give you 90% of everything there is to know (we promise it’s the big detail) and it will give you 100% of everything important.

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There are two asset classes that you can put into your pension, ISA or general investment account, that have the potential to supercharge your plan having outperformed main equity markets since time began. Cash 1%. Fixed income 5%. Large cap developed world equity 10%. And these two have returned around 15%. Just think about that in relation to your investment pot right now and then compound it year after year.

Our service will pay for itself many times over.