The following videos and written testimonials from our clients share their real life stories on how we have added value.

Mark Foster

Managing Partner Fosters Lawyers

Frank Brennan

Managing Director Safety Lane Ltd

Nigel Lacey

Manager Oxford Products

Mary Elson

Retired/Still Busy Higher Penley

Fergal O'Cleirigh

Partner Bermans LLP

Dr Richard Azurdia

Private Consultant & Dermatologist Liverpool NHS

Martyn Best

Chief Executive Officer Document Direct Ltd

Collin Doran

Managing Director Solutions in Service Ltd

Adam Mullin

Managing Partner Solutions in Service Ltd

Hugh McAuley

Ex Professional Footballer Entrepreneur

Balazs Horvath

Managing Director APMDC Ltd

Hugh McAuley

Ex Professional Footballer Entrepreneur

Written Testimonials

Greg Wilkes, Managing Director - Jeffery and Wilkes Building Contractors Ltd

I have always had a financial advisor but really felt I had no clear plan of what I was going to do once I retire. Due to owning my own business I’ve always been confident that I could maintain good earning power, but had no real idea of how much I needed to save before retirement.

The first thing Rob did was sit down & analyse what were our life goals, what things were important to us & helped us create a life financial plan for the entire family.

This was really valuable as I always thought I needed to exit my business for a huge sum. In reality though after Rob revealed what my number was, it was much lower than I’d thought.

I could comfortably exit my business for a realistic figure & be set for life leaving me financially free to pursue the goals I have.

This was game changer in my mind as now I had a number to aim for & the quicker I reach it, the quicker I can stop working for life!

What’s also been invaluable is reviewing our life insurances & seeing what would happen to my family if I popped my clogs. I didn’t realise how at risk they were & I was actually being irresponsible in not preparing for this outcome.

Once we went through this in detail, looked at what I could afford & we got the cover in place, it was a huge weight off my shoulders knowing if the worst happened my wife & children would be secure financially.

In addition to this the review of the life policies & setting up trusts was extremely valuable. To now have confidence that all my wills, trusts & policies are in order is a big relief.

I now know what a good wealth planner actually does & I’m very confident my families wealth is being looked after well by Rob & the team.

Roy Kenny, Managing Director - VVHC Ltd

Martin has supported us for over 10 years. He is the consummate professional who has always delivered, on behalf of myself and my business partner Joe Dwek CBE.

Ross Baigent, Founder & Director - Cataclean Global

I was looking for a long-term adviser who could keep me up to date with pensions, investments etc. Essentially, to keep track of what I have, future earnings and to help invest wisely. Rob is a breath of fresh air, explains things properly, with no sales pressure at all. His advice has saved me plenty, and enabled me to track what I have.

Adam Mullin, Managing Director - Solutions In Service

Martin provided me with my own SIPP and gave very good advice on how to fund it through my company to save Corporation Tax. I got more than what I expected.

Graham Withe, Founder - Webtise Group

Martin protected the shareholdings in our business so that on death the monetary value of the shares pass to our families, whilst the actual shares stay in the business.

Andrew Thompson FCA, Chartered Accountant - Kenilworth Associates

Martin is exceptionally accurate in everything that he says and does, I cannot find fault whatsoever with his advice and I trust him absolutely in his judgement.

James Quilty, Managing Director - Kelsall Services

If you are an Entrepreneur, busy running your business, with no time to plan ahead, you really need to be speaking to these guys. Having been through all of the stages of their CLEARER process, I recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking control of their finances. By having them on board I have a plan, and I will head into a retirement with much more equity behind me.