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Around 2000 people per day are retiring in the UK and typically do so with either no plan, a bad plan, or the wrong plan.


These scenarios play out and strip people of a happy retirement. A retirement that could have been spent leaving a legacy – not just in financial terms – rather, they are stripped of the ability to leave their footprint on the world, or make an impact on other peoples’ lives – friends, family or causes close to the heart.


Not always, but typically, the retiring folk in the UK will make one, two or sometimes all three, of the biggest money mistakes of their lives; mistakes that will see them run out of money in retirement, potentially resulting in them becoming dependent on their children and/or the government, and this is likely to happen unless they take advice designed to steer them away from the three big mistakes.
The tragedy of the mistake(s) this generation of people, about to enter what now looks like being a three-decade retirement, will make, without our help, is too terrible to contemplate.

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If you are thinking about retirement this is a must-read. In 2016, the first of the Baby Boomers started to turn 70. This has triggered the largest social phenomena on the planet – retirement. This year and for the next 20 years EVERY day will be a world record for people retiring! A significant percentage of those will be professional retirees who are 5-7 years out from retiring. Retire Inspire 1 brings together 23 world experts on retiring well. As you’d expect there are financial experts but we have experts in health, leisure, life satisfaction and contribution etc all important factors in feeling satisfaction in retirement. This is an extraordinary read packed with smart cuts and great advice.

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Cash, Bonds, Property & Equities

Martin Wilcocks explains cash, fixed income, property and equity investments and the returns from each going back 6 decades.


Passive vs Active

Martin Wilcocks explains passive vs active investing.


Keeping Fees Low

Martin Wilcocks explains the drag on investment growth through charges and makes his case against active investment management and the associated higher charges within these more speculative investing arrangements


How Stock Markets Work

Martin Wilcocks explains how equity markets throughout the developed and emerging world work. He sets out the difference between growth and large-cap, small-cap and value-cap companies.

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“If you are looking to start planning for your financial future but don’t know where to start, who to trust or what to invest in – this is normal! At Wilcocks & Wilcocks it’s our mission to guide you through the process with clear and honest advice, without the technically challenging language and purposefully confusing jargon that is typical of the financial industry today. At Wilcocks & Wilcocks we make it as clear and easy as possible for you to be able to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

“Our CLEARER wealth management program is a proven route to successfully safeguard your finances and future, backed by academic research and evidence. You can pick and choose individual services from our wide range of solutions to suit your needs, or take on the complete package for maximum financial security. We look forward to working closely with our investors, getting to know them personally, their hopes and dreams. From here, we can begin to build your future. We pride ourselves on our exceptional relationships with our clients and look forward to working with you.

“Taking that first step in anything is always a little scary, but if you decide you would like to structure your financial plan with Wilcocks & Wilcocks, we guarantee you’ll be on your way to peace of mind. Get in touch today. We look forward to speaking with you.”

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