If you own your business and want complete peace of mind that the right measures are in place to safeguard its financial future, Wilcocks & Wilcocks can help.

As a business owner, you probably have many demands on your time, so why not trust Wilcocks & Wilcocks to take the burden of financial planning off your shoulders? We offer advice and practical assistance on business insurance in London, Liverpool and across the UK.

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A financial health check for your business

As highly experienced and award-winning financial advisers, Martin and Robert Wilcocks can quickly get to grips with any issues affecting your business. We’ll carry out a full assessment and flag up any areas for concern, from insufficient insurance cover to a lack of adequate shareholder protection.

We’ll ask the important questions and do all of the research on your behalf, giving you valuable time back to concentrate on driving your business forward. You’ll receive all of the information you need to know, along with our expert recommendations, in plain, straightforward language.

If you’re happy to proceed, we will handle everything for you. You can sleep easy at night knowing that the business you’ve worked so hard to build is protected, just in case the worst should ever happen.

Shareholder protection

As experienced advisers in business insurance, we can provide advice on whether your business needs shareholder protection insurance.

This is a plan or contract which outlines what will happen if a shareholder is no longer able to participate in running the business. It may be due to serious illness or injury, or even death. With an agreement in place, the remaining shareholders can use a payment from the insurance policy to buy out the absentee’s shares at an agreed price.

Relevant life insurance

Many businesses use relevant life insurance policies to provide death-in-service benefits to their staff as part of their benefits package. This is a tax efficient way to offer staff and the business protection just in case the worst should happen.

Key person insurance

Is your business too dependent on one person’s knowledge or expertise? What would happen if that person was no longer around? We can help you to put insurance in place to mitigate the financial effects of losing a key person. This can cover everything from the income that person generated to the costs of recruiting and training someone new. This is an important tool to keep your business running smoothly even if it loses a vital part of its operation.

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