Helping business owners who plan to scale and exit understand how much money is enough and ensure their hard work pays off for life.

Most business owners set their business up with a dream. Earning more money, having more free time to spend with loved ones, building a legacy of one’s own making, and reaching financial independence, are all common motivations and virtues.

As your business has progressed, when was the last time you were asked about your dream? Have you achieved what you set out to? What do you want your life to look like post-exit?

Once we understand the answers to questions like these we can consider the assets and income required for your dream lifestyle.

You might not know if your business has reached the exact stage where you could sell and never have to worry about money ever again. There are many people who have enough - but they just don’t know it. And there are many others who could really use the extra clarity on exactly how much is enough. It is often less than people think - so Isn’t it about time you found out your number?

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We can also help with:

  • Directors pensions and investment strategies.
  • Tax planning, including efficient income and dividend extraction, including Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trust investments.
  • Business and profit insurance - protecting shareholders interests, business loans, profits and key members of staff from early death and illness. 

David Sammel

David is working towards his "number" with the help of Wilcocks & Wilcocks.

I would encourage anyone who wants a financial planner they can trust implicitly, who is enjoyable to meet with, to use Rob and his team. They are first class advisers but more importantly first-class people.”

David Sammel - Former Pro Tennis player and now Pro-Tennis Coach.


Our Mission:

"To help our clients attain, retain and ultimately bequeath Real Wealth"

Our Vision:

"Real Wealth & Life Planning becomes the pre-eminent method for delivering financial advice globally"

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